Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby pics!

I scanned this in for you ages ago and I forgot to post it. Introducing Aly Catherine- 4 months old. She is already 6 months old and weighing in at nearly 18 pounds!


Amy McMean said...

She is so CUTE!!!!

Amy McMean said...

I'm bummed about Ward, he's cool, but they haven't been using him as much. I was surprised they let Chris Kemowato (i know i didn't spell that right lol ) and Farrior go......i think they are hoping to pull off what Baltimore did this year with bringing in new talent, but I don't know. time will tell.

Diane said...

HOLY COW! The things you miss when you take a bloggy break! :) She's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I hope you're feeling well and enjoying being a mommy!

(And PS... I'm having an affair with Pinterest, too ;)