Thursday, August 9, 2012

Affirmative Thursdays- Stopping You

I have to watch myself sometimes. I can get negative really quickly, which can totally ruin a person's outlook. I don't talk about work too much, but I work in a mental health program where I lead groups on different subjects; such as, anger management, life skills, money management etc. Sometimes, I feel really hypocritical when I'm telling them how important something is and I don't do it either. So, I decided to start with some small lifestyle changes. The first thing I'm going to focus on is negative to positive thinking. Life is all about perception and if we think it sucks, it usually does. I can't won't write an affirmation a day, but I think I can handle one a week. So, my first one:

The Only Thing That Will Stop You is You.

Isn't that the truth? My stubborness, my lack of motivation, my excuses will keep me from accomplishing the things I really want.

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Amy McMean said...

I just had a conversation with my cousin where I pretty much told her " The oly thing stopping you from growing up and taking control of your life is YOU!" i hope she got the point......she's 39 after all.