Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation! Or Vacation?

Yay! Im off work all week! I really, REALLY needed a break. If I didn't get a break soon, I was expecting to go from practitioner to client soon. But is it really a vacation? No. Because this week, I'm a stay-at-home mom. Yay. While being a mom in general (infant, toddler, kid, tween, teen, college student adult, working, stay at home, special needs etc). I can honestly say that I never want/ed to be a SAHM. My career is important, my independence is important, my sanity is important. Now, granted, it might be a different story if I didn't drop her off at my mom's house everyday, where I know she's well cared for and, well, its free.

This morning, baby food, fed by me, was unacceptable. She wanted to feed herself. So I had to make her eggs and toast. The great part? My husband threw away the toaster, because "we don't need it" f you dude, I need it. I'm buying a new toaster. So, she's sitting in her high chair, eating her toast and eggs, which I didn't make fast enough for her majesty, and the dogs are circling like sharks. Waiting for her to ante up their share. I ended up throwing toast scraps across the room, so they'd chase them and leave me alone. They were too stupid to find them. I had to go point. *sigh* Thank God for PBS.


Amy McMean said...

Oh my gosh she's so cute.

Enjoy your vacation into SAHM status lol. It sounds liek a blast so far.

i'm counting down the days till my vacation kicks in 19 days. 18 days till the wedding!

LissaL said...

I haven't been by in forever(took a break from the cyber world & got a JOB)!Just wanted to say that I have missed you! Your daughter is so adorable.